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Using rapid development we'll often have a web-site skeleton up and running for you in 1-2 working days and within a budget of £500. The hourly rate is £20 [designer] £40 [developer] and timesheets are broken down to minute-blocks - not rounded-up to hours. We normally ask for a small deposit [individuals] and our work is billed monthly on standard 30-day terms.

We do NOT pay for and rebill third-party services. So if you need to register a domain or pay for some direct service, please do this personally. If you need any help with this type of service-provider, we'll happily do it for you, but in your name. This is also important as to ownership and registration.

And please don't forget that OUR hosting is FREE and on a powerful LAMP server with SSD drives. We can very easily move your site to a web-hosting service, if you prefer, and development can be fully managed with GIT if you'd like this for outside collaboration. We also deploy full SSH if you want server access and /phpmyadmin for developers.

It should be noted that your original-first site(s) will be `stage` served by us and on our in-house systems. These are pretty awesome and with full FTTP and hosting only 30-50 sites on an i7 core + SSD drives may well out perform your Web Host. That is a bold claim, but we don't have a 24/7 data-storage unit, so while our hosting is FOC and fast, we cannot provide 24/7 guaranteed uptime.