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CodeIgniter 3.x MVC

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CodeIgniter was given a new lease of life with V3 and we are more than happy to embrace this platform for you. It is a light-weight framework which is very easy to maintain and well supported. Within the community it does have a slight `past its time` label which is quite unfair and there are many good reasons to use CI.

As we are framework agnostic, CI is on the list as an excellent PHP | MySQL platform. If you have an existing web-site based on CI which needs a fresh coat or this is just your platform of choice then we are more than happy to assist. Moving away from CI to, say, Laravel isn't really justified unless you are running a very old version as migration to the latest version with PHP 7 is quite straightforward.

One `issue` with many legacy CI systems is that they were written without Javascript or JS refresh so pretty much anything you do requires a page-refresh. While there is/was nothing wrong with this per se, it does or can make legacy CI systems very slow to use or `reactive` to the user. This isn't the fault of CI, but of `old-school` coding techniques and it is quite possible [and advisable] to use CI as a good foundation for your web-site and add-in modern JS frameworks to work-with CI and give your web-site more of a SPA [single-page-application] feel.

Please note that all NEW projects will use the Laravel framework - not CodeIgniter.